EVERYONE IS WELCOME AT JOURNEY. We don't care who you voted for, how many figures are in your income, what kind of flip flops you wear, what doubts or questions you have or even how messed up you think your life might be. We have a place for you...unless, of course, you're perfect. In that case, you might not like it around here, because we're a No-Perfect-People-Allowed kind of church.

We're a community of people who are "in process." We have imperfect, messy lives, but we're pursuing and experiencing a transformative relationship with Jesus and one another. People often think they've got to get their act together before showing up at church. That's the exact opposite of what God intended. He, more than anyone, knows that life is challenging, and His church is meant to be friends who spur you on with both truth and love.

So, whether you've been following Jesus for a long time or you're exploring faith for the first time, we're glad you're here.


WE BELIEVE THAT WE ARE ALL CREATED TO LIVE LIFE TO ITS FULLEST RELATIONALLY CONNECTED WITH OTHERS. It does require some intentionality, but we're here to help. We have opportunities for you to connect with people who live near you, who share similar interests, who are in the same stage of life and / or people who you can serve alongside. We also have awesome places for your kids to connect, as well. So check out how you can get connected at Journey.


Finding community, being intentional about spiritual growth, and finding opportunities to serve others are going to make all the difference in your church experience. Life Groups are 7-15 people who meet together weekly or every other week all across the city to connect with each other and to Jesus. We believe transformation happens as we grow in a real relationship with Him. We aim to have real, honest authentic conversations as we study the Bible together, serve side by side at church or in the community, while at the same time becoming increasingly known by others who will help you walk out what you learn.

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WE'RE CONVINCED THAT EVERYBODY WORKING TOGETHER IS MORE POWERFUL THAN EVERYBODY WORKING ALONE. Part of God's amazing plan - how He wired us to live connected to Him and to one another - is not only for our own transformation, but also for the transformation of others. We continue to grow and be changed as we help others grow and change. God never intended us to sit on the sidelines, watching the world around us. He wants us to jump in and be part of what He's doing - meeting the relational, physical, and spiritual needs in our world. At Journey, we're committed to serving one another - our neighbors, our city and our world.


It takes lots of people to create a Journey experience every week. God created his church to work together, everyone using their gifts, to serve one another. There are opportunities to use your time and energy to care for kids and students, produce services, welcome guests, lead small groups, serve coffee or lemonade, build stage sets... the list goes on and on. Honestly, we can't "do church" without the church and we can't become who God intends us to be with out finding your place in His body.

Serve On Campus


We're committed to making a difference in our city and neighborhoods. Journey serves hundreds of people every month in our community through our ministry partnerships. We are also committed as individuals and small groups who care for their neighbors and individuals who serve those in their circle of influence.

Serve The City


Our commitment to meet physical and spiritual needs extends to our global community. We currently have global partners that we've chosen through their impact on some of the most poverty-stricken places in the world. We partner through financial resources, as well as by sending teams several times through out the year. Our current partners are located in Mexico.

Serve Globally


Each of us can help someone follow Jesus. This was what Jesus modeled with His first followers. He gathered a small group of people together to learn about His life and purpose. Then those people helped others learn about Jesus' life and purpose, who helped others - and the movement continued and multiplied relationally around the world. We continue this practice of relational multiplication primarily through Life Group leadership.

LifeGroup Leadership Training

Financial Giving

Part of accomplishing more together than alone is through financial giving. Journey is a completely self - funded, non-profit organization. We can only do what we do as a church when we pool our resources. Your commitment to give regularly helps meet the significant needs of people who attend. When you give, you're impacting people and communities, both locally and globally. The easiest way to give is online, which is what half of our church now does.

Giving financially is a way for all of us to participate in what God is doing right here in our own communities, as well as around the world. Your giving helps meet physical and spiritual needs of people who attend our church. You're also impacting people and communities in Mexico through our global partnerships. We appreciate your joining us in our mission. Your faithful contributions help bring life and freedom to individuals around the globe.

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We'd love for you to join our family.

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